In 2011 a group of 29 Jaguar owners formed a new club called THE JAGUAR DRIVERS’ CLUB (BOP) INC. Since then the club has more than quadrupled in size and now has over 140 members.

The purpose of forming this new club was to provide a forum for owners, drivers and lovers of the marque to enjoy activities and outings in a way that may not be available to them at any other club in the Bay of Plenty. This has certainly been achieved, with regular compliments from members about the wide variety of events we arrange.

Another one of our strengths is the high quality of our magazine, which is an A5 booklet posted to members every month. It features well written articles and our very full calendar of events which is planned 12 months ahead. Some members have joined just so that they can get the magazine.

We have outings once or twice a month, and at least three weekends away per year. Some are informative and technical, some provide an interesting and challenging route to drive our cars, and all are very social and get us out, sometimes to places we never knew existed. With our itinerary planned for the full year ahead there is always something to look forward to.  (See our Events Calendar elsewhere on our website).

Wherever we go, we meet people who are so impressed with the friendliness of our members that they ask to join our club. We currently have members not just from the Bay of Plenty but also from Auckland, Thames, Waikato, Napier, Rotorua and Wairarapa.

We are particularly keen to welcome people who have been a bit hesitant to join a club before, thinking that it is all technical stuff and that there is nothing for the ladies. We invite folk in this category who enjoy taking their cars for a run and mixing with a group of fun-loving, friendly people to make contact to discuss their concerns.

Any person owning, or driving, or just appreciating Jaguars, (or Daimlers made by the Jaguar company), is eligible to apply for membership. If you would like to discuss joing the Club feel free to call.


Dennis Shepherd

 021 0816 8861

Secretary Glennys Muir 027 472 3322